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Meet Patient of
Give Back a Smile

"GBAS has changed my life drastically. I felt like staying closed up and not going out or socializing. I was horrified of trying to get a job. After being accepted for the GBAS program I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I felt hopeful again and after all the time and work that Dr. Kevin and his staff were generous to donate, I gained so much back. I got a job, I participate in social activities. I’ve also been able to lose weight and feel pretty and happy again.”


Meet Susan, Patient of
Healthcare for the Homeless

Susan* sat anxiously and excitedly in a dental chair at HHH. It had been a long journey to get where she sat today. After more than a year working with her medical team, dental team and case manager, she was finally getting her new set of teeth. It had been decades since she had seen herself with a full set of teeth. She looked older than her years. Her mouth had often been a source of both physical and emotional pain. The hardships of her life stared back at her every time she self-consciously smiled. “Here they are.” Dr. Grygo finished making the final adjustments and then handed Susan a mirror. Susan looked at herself and started to cry. Thinking that she was in pain or that something needed to be adjusted, Dr. Grygo asked, “What’s wrong? Everything feel okay?” Susan looked back at Dr. Grygo. “Thank you,“ she said. “I feel human again.” 

Meet Carol Fisher, Program Director of
California CareForce

"California CareForce promotes the health and well-being of those in need through volunteer supported, no-cost healthcare clinics across California. We are grateful for the support Tokuyama Empowers and excited to work with Tokuyama Empowers in Changing Smiles Together."


Meet Dr. Sussi Yamaguchi, Clinic Director of
UCSD Student-Run Free Dental Clinic

"Currently at our clinics we have been solely using the composites that your company has donated.  I love it!!!!"

Meet Dr. Chuck Seleen, Director of
Vermont Dental Care

"In our school-based program with the Winooski school system most of our patients are funded through Medicaid. By reducing our costs through donations it allows us to provide optimum care to all the children that we see. Many of these patients are recent immigrants with English as a second language and our office is their first dental experience. It is great that we can provide comprehensive care including composite filling material, which is used on a daily basis and is a significant cost. These donations decrease our overall budget while providing an excellent product."