Tokuyama Empowers
Changing Smiles Together

How Tokuyama Empowers Started



More than 114 million people in the United States do not have dental coverage. Lack of access to dental care disproportionately affects low-income people, those with no insurance, and underserved populations. As a result, a large segment of the U.S. population is more likely to suffer from untreated oral problems.



Tokuyama Dental America recognized the oral health disparities that persist and decided to establish Tokuyama Empowers, the company’s corporate social responsibility program. Tokuyama Empowers was created to make dental care more accessible to underserved and uninsured populations.



Tokuyama Empowers works closely with nonprofits, free clinics, national and local associations, and volunteer dentists to identify what their needs are. We support our partners by donating high-quality dental products, enabling them to provide free or affordable dental care.




Tokuyama Dental donated dental products for the first time to UCSD Pre-Dental Society and Student-Run Free Dental Clinics.

Tokuyama Dental ran the company’s largest corporate branding campaign and included social responsibility as a major part of the campaign. For every person that visited the website, we donated $1 worth of dental products to American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation’s (AACDCF) Give Back a Smile program. The campaign ran for four months and we donated more than $86,000 worth of products to Give Back a Smile.



The one-time campaign and first-time product donation turned into a larger effort the following year to focus more on corporate social responsibility. Tokuyama Empowers was established to make dental care accessible for people in need.

Tokuyama Dental partnered with Homeless not Toothless, a nonprofit that provides free dental care to homeless people and low-income children, on a joint initiative to make dental care available to underserved children in Los Angeles. For every person that purchased two units of composite, Tokuyama Empowers committed to donating one unit of composite to Homeless not Toothless.

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During the pandemic, millions of Americans lost their health coverage including dental care. With nowhere else to turn, more people sought service from free and low-cost dental clinics. These clinics serve as a safety net for our most vulnerable populations, but struggled to meet the growing demand with their limited resources. Tokuyama Dental donated more than $90,000 in products to 20+ clinics in the United States and Canada to help provide vital services to those in need.